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Transition Haven, LLC retreats are for busy individuals seeking either a relaxing refuge from their hectic day-to-day activities or a more active getaway geared towards jump-starting a new fitness commitment or maintaining one.

Transformational Retreats provide busy individuals a week-long refuge to vacation destinations (e.g. the Caribbean, North Carolina, Florida, etc.). Each retreat offers a menu of activities and workshops to select from and, by design, are dedicated to providing a relaxing environment to nurture and heal participants - mind, body and spirit. Transformational Retreats offer both a structured healing program and the ability for participants to, once at a location, design a stay that meets their specific needs. The ultimate goal of these retreats is to support participants as they bring a greater level of holistic balance into their lives.

Quick Fix Retreats are active weekend (three to five days) programs designed to either jump-start a new fitness commitment or maintain one. They are designed to provide a quick and adventurous getaway to a local destination. The Quick Fix program is specifically designed to provide participants with a fun-filled, action-oriented pause button in the midst of a busy life.

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